Inanoglu food - Fresh healthy hygienic parts.

About Us

Founded in 1968 Inanoglu Food LTD 43 years spices at home and abroad - Types- bird seed feeding stuffs- çeştlerr of nuts - tea intake - is working as a food industries in the sale and production.
Since 1997, our company institutionalization and restructuring due to the activities by type and name changes Inanoglu Food LTD. Sti. As is ongoing.
Inanoglu varieties which he or import supply from the field after the test and the analysis made in our facility daily to 25 tonnes screening, treating a standardization machine.
Grinding to varieties of sifting litter, fabric, stone, after adjusting for the metal fully automatic stainless steel OGT on öğütülür.ambalaj to enter the last time processing subject tutulur.direk products from the shape to be consumed at the table in the machine Inanoglu is prepared strictly according to the demand for branded kraft paper and pp bags.
Inanoglu food registration certificate and certificate of food production has allowed the documentation.
Our company imports, exports, transit operations between the sturgeon and sturgeon free zone port is 1400 square meters perform our facility.


Soil types we produce consumer's table to clean, healthy, prepare to bring in a hygienic way,
Insufficient production of the varieties of imports made in our country or quality of production, price contribute to our consumers to shop with good quality and reasonable price from abroad by providing appropriate varieties,
Turkish brand overseas exports by introducing the best way to ensure that we produce the kind of foreign currency inflow to our country.


Our company with 43 years of experience from the past 100 years to reach without compromising the quality and cleanliness Inanoglu to inform consumers of unhealthy condition, quality, is to avoid the food consumption may impair human health.